Our Story

Ethiopian caterers...Along with a combination of contemporary presentation and refined global cuisine, we pride ourselves in preparing fresh food using wholesome natural ingredients with traditionally authentic recipes. The recipes having been passed down over our family's generations is a symbol of quality, consistency, and excellence nationwide. The same characteristics are carried over into our premier catering brand and each event is treated with personal attention and detail.

Every bride/groom and every event is uniquely special! We create custom wedding packages and a personalized experience where we become a part of your wedding team and take care of every need you may have before and during your special day. We Ethiopians take pride in our long history and legendary traditions, using this; Selam Catering has and will always be at the forefront of superior and elegant Ethiopian catering service.

Everyone Loves Selam!

Top Chefs

Our chefs are made up of professionals who are guided and led by our top chef: Selam.

Best ingredients

We use only the best farm fresh produce and ingredients to creat a lovely eating experience.

Tailor Made

We can arrange our catering service to suit your needs in any event, from weddings to graduations and much more...